I am Emma Lundin, a designer and engineer with a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Communications at The Royal Institute of Technology. I am currently working as a Product Designer at Breaker. I enjoy problem solving, exciting technology, and have a big interest in design.

I find motivation when gaining knowledge and professional experience when developing new and meaningful technologies. I like learning new things and getting experience in different areas. Other things I enjoy are food, coffee, wine, traveling, friends and family, concerts, hiking and fitness. In my portfolio I have collected some projects from school and freelance work that I am the most proud of. Enjoy!


Webdesign projects

Uttryck Magazine
Web Editor and PR-resposible
Web Design
Web Design
Smith&Tapper Law

School projects

Mobile Development Programming
Interaction programming
Dinner Planner
Interaction programming
Future of media

Graphic Design

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